Animated Video of Sign Language Movement for Corn
Take both of your hands and turn them intofists and put them up by your cheeks and twist them. Eating corn at meals or asking for corn
Related Signs
Apple : When a child requests an apple; When giving child an apple; When grocery shopping in produce; When child sees an apple.
Banana : Use this sign prior to giving child a banana. Ask the child to sign when requesting a banana. Ask what a monkey eats.
Bottle : Ask child if he/she would like his/her cup; While preparing juice/milk for child, you may sign "cup" while explaining what you are doing.
Bread : At mealtime when serving bread.
Cereal : Mealtime
Cheese : mealtime
Cook : At dinner time when someone is cooking
Cookie : When child requests a cookie; Prior to giving child a cookie; While baking cookies; While shopping in grocery store.
Corn : Eating corn at meals or asking for corn
Cracker : For a snack
Cup : Ask child if he/she would like his/her cup. While preparing juice for child, you may sign "cup" while explaining what you are doing.
Drink : When child requests a drink; While asking the child if he/she is thirsty.
Eat : Use this sign to ask child if he/she is hungry and wants to eat. Use it consistently just before offering food to child so child will link the concept to the sign and be able to request something to eat in the future.
Egg : To want, cook or eat eggs
Finished : During mealtime, use sign to ask child if they are finished eating. During bathtime, use to ask child if they are ready to get out of tub. Same as "All Done."
Ice Cream : If the child wants ice cream then they might sign this
Juice : When offering "juice" to child. You may prefer to use the "milk" or "drink" sign when introducing child to cup and add the "juice" sign once the child is able to discriminate and request a certain beverage.
Milk : This is one of the first signs that a child is likely to learn. It can be used in infancy to symbolize breastfeeding or bottlefeeding. As the child grows he/she will use this signs to request a drink. Please note: You may find it helpful to use this sign interchangeably for milk/juice/water/bottle because it is less likely to confuse the child by signing multiple signs for what the child understands as "drink."
Picnic : If the child wants to have a picnic
Pumpkin : When the child sees a pumpkin the child might sign pumpkin because they want one
Raisin : If the child is hungry and asks for some raisins